Féérie d'une nuit (Signal de Bougy)

On Aug 23rd took place the second yearly public event for the CERN Astronomy Club, at the Féérie d'une nuit, Signal de Bougy. The weather was not very good during the day, leaving only a short possibility (~10min) to observe the sun through the various instruments present. The Halpha vision revealed very intense activity on the edge of our star, with several bright eruptions. The evening turned out to me more promising. Several "windows" remained between the clouds, allowing us to show to the public a few interesting targets through the 457mm dobson. In particular, transparency of the unclouded portions of the sky left a very nice vision of the whirlpool galaxy M51. While the sky got overcasted again, many visitors stayed late to discuss, ask questions which made the evening a nice moment, despite the mean weather.

Timelapse Signal de Bougy