Week-end des étoiles at Fort L'Ecluse

As every year, the CERN Astronomy Club has participated on July 26th 2014 to the "week-end des étoiles" which was organized at Fort L'Ecluse (not far from Bellegarde) by the Orion club.

In contrast to past editions, the weather during the day was gloomy, thus preventing us from making Sun observations through our various instruments (H-alpha or not).

We finally got a window of clear (and surprisingly dark) sky, in the evening, from 7pm to 1am. This allowed us to present to the visitors (800 in total) some of the jewels of the summer sky (M57, M13, M27, Veil,...), including Saturn and already-very-low Mars. 

Some articles have been published in the "Dauphiné" newspaper:  Page 1 Page 2