A propos

CERN Astronomy Club is the place for astronomers, amateurs or professional, to do visual observation, deep sky and planetary imagery as well as to exchange knowledge on astrophotograhy, astrophysics and astronomy in general. 

Rencontres des Observateurs Solaires

The Rencontres des Observateurs Solaires took place from 20-21 June 2015 in Serbannes ( Allier), France. The aim of the event is to test, compare and learn about solar instruments available on the market or created by amateurs. 

Rencontres du Ciel et de l'Espace (Paris)

As every two years, the Rencontres du Ciel et de l'Espace took place in Paris, close to Porte de la Villette. This astro event is one of the biggest in France: beside 100+ conferences, most of astro gear resellers and labs are present (Optique Unterlinden, Optique et Vision, la Clé des etoiles, Airylab, Skymeca, Skyvision, and many more). As announed a couple a weeks earlier, the CERN Astro Club was present, together with friends from A3C, SAG and Orion. We followed many interesting talks, in particular concerning the impressive evolution of solar telescope over the last 2-3 years.

Outing with the CERN Photo Club

Yesterday evening, we joined the CERN photo club (thanks to Sylvain Chapeland for the nice invitation) for a short outing on the Tiocan parking lot. We were 5 people from the CERN Astro Club (Florin, Vlad, Livia, Elena and Simon) to attend this session that was dedicated to wide angle imaging (with or without motorized mount), which started at around 7pm, and ended at 10pm. It was a nice opportunity to meet people from the photo club, and to discuss possible interactions between our respective clubs. We will post some pictures as soon as they are processed.

Outing to Lajoux (Oct 24th)

The weather forecast was quite optimistic this friday Oct. 24th, so together with friends from Orion club and SAG we decided on the last minute to make an observation outing to Lajoux. We brought our respective equipments up to 1300m altitude in the Jura (two ~18" dobsons, a WO refractor and a Nexstar 8") the sky got cloudy at around 21h.  The guilty factor? Probably the raising temperature (~6°C at 22h and ~7°C at 23h!), causing the formation of relatively low altitude clouds.